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Main Info

  • Window

    Breathes the history The old town centre

    You’ll be surrounded by churches, museums, ancient buildings and place of historic interest.

  • Balcone_2

    The balcony Over the sea

    You’ll enjoy a breathtaking view: small boats moored, night clubs and the magnificent Cathedral of Trani.

  • Strada_3

    Location The perfect point

    Our house is located in the old town and it is surrounded by churches, museums and nightlife!

  • Balcone_4

    A sea view Amidst all the fun

    La loggia di Paola has an entrance which is located on the harbor of Trani, in the old town.

  • Retro_4

    Nice veranda Relax in historic places

    You have a veranda that overlooks the historic Piazza Teatro where you can relax, eat or take a drink.

  • Streets

    Shopping Area Shopping downstairs

    The streets around our house are full of typical places to satisfy your shopping needs.

  • Orecchiette

    Fine cuisine Discover the food in Trani

    Our house has a fully equipped kitchen and is surrounded by a lot of places to eat and drink something.

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